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Prevention is the Best Protocol for Canine Heartworm Disease

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In the United States, it is estimated that people own approximately 70-to-80 million dogs as pets. Every year, about one million of these dogs test positive for heartworms.

According to the American Heartworm Society, heartworm disease is caused by parasitic worms. These can grow up to a foot long and live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels associated with those organs. These worms can cause damage to other organs as well as the heart and lungs. Furthermore, heartworms can cause severe lung disease and heart failure.

While other types of pets and wild animals can be infected by these worms, dogs are considered to be a “natural host” for them, according to the American Heartworm Society. One of the primary reasons that dogs are a natural host is because if left untreated, these wo

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3 Great Ideas to Improve Company Morale

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Running a business can be stressful for just about anyone. Not only do you have to worry about the overall success of your company, you have to do your best to ensure your employees are happy and doing their best work. The way organizations are thinking about businesses has completely changed over the last few years. The most successful companies are actually much less strict than companies have been in the past — and they are benefiting as a result from the top down.

It all comes down to company morale. If your employees are happy and stress free, they are going to work harder, better, and longer than before. If they are upset, stressed, and uninspired, on the other hand, they are going to be much less effective at work and your company will suffer as a result.

Here are a few things

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