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Dog Park Days What You Need To Know For the Park

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What they say is true: dogs truly are man’s best friend. Dogs give us so much joy in our lives. From the puppy kisses to the adorable tail wags, dogs are always able to bring a smile to most of our face. These cute creatures even help make us feel better after a tough day.

Because they do so much for us, it is important to ensure that we take good care of our pups, and make them as happy as possible. Frankly, they deserve it. One of the things that dogs just seem to love is going to the park. Now, every dog has a different personality. Some may prefer to simply walk around the park on a leash, while others want to romp around with fellow canines in the off-leash dog park. Still, others prefer to stay at home and sleep on the couch for their daily exercise. Chances are, you know what yo

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Why a Pet Insurance Plan Makes Financial Sense

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Pets are an integral part of a family. Whether they are cuddly and fluffy like a kitten or lean and playful like a dog, pets can become a part of the family through their constant companionship and loving support. It makes sense then that pets should be protected like any other member of the family. That’s where pet insurance comes in.

With over 76 million cats, the United States has more felines than any other country. Some statistics place the number of feral cats at around 60 million, though many cats (some say around 84%) are spayed and neutered. This makes cats one of the most popular pets within American families.

Dogs are equally as popular, with between 37% and 47% of U.S. households owning a dog,

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