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Two Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Pets

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Did you know that more than 30% of Americans own cats? Additionally, 36.5% of Americans own dogs. Although it is common to own pets in the United States, caring for them is sometimes a challenge. Fortunately, there are two ways to properly take care of your pets, and both will keep your animals healthy and happy.

- Day care facilities. Believe it or not, some animals have the privilege of attending day care facilities. Doggy day cares, for example, are centers that take care of dogs while their owners are sick, on vacation, or at work. In fact, doggy day cares not only keep dogs well-fed and healthy, but they also allow dogs to run around large, fenced-in areas, as well as play with other dogs under professional supervision. This means that when you are unable to care for your dog for a set amount of time, do

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