Fast Answers for Your Dog Health Questions

According to 2012 statistics provided by the Humane Society of the United States, 46 percent of American households own at least one dog. Overall, there are 78.2 million dogs in the United States. Of course, this statistic is limited to the number of dogs that are either registered with the AKC or on record with

Potential Problems Pertaining to Your Pug

Pugs are a generally healthy breed of dog, but they do come with their fair share of health tendencies that any owner needs to be aware of. Most dog health problems, not just in pugs, can range in severity and frequency, but the majority of them are manageable throughout the life of your pet. Here

Keeping the Canine in Your Family Up to Par

With the ever evolving technology that surrounds the medical and health care industries, there are quite a few things available today that were not a handful of years ago. Lasers to perform delicate, intense surgical procedures; prosthetic limbs that have mechanical parts; and even technologies behind X rays, MRIs, and CT scans have come leaps

Read This About Pug Health

So, you’ve decided to get a dog and even narrows down your search based on breed specific issues and generalized dog health. But there are some dog health problems that can be attributed to the breed of your choice, if you’ve decided to get a Pug, there are some Pug health problems you should be

What are Common Health Problems Found in Pugs?

If you have recently added a Pug to your family, there are a few downsides associated with owning a Pug that you should know. The Pug breed actually has a few different health conditions that are common for this breed. Recognizing the early warning signs of Pug health problems, and taking the time to find

Are You Worried About the Safety of Your Pet’s Food?

Food safety is just as important when it comes to our pets as it to us. As the year 2015 ended two separate pet food safety issues required recalls in America. Both listeria and salmonella reports caused the recall of

Reasons to Extend Your Dog’s Family With Dog Breeders

We all love our pets and for some they even become just another member of the family. Dogs show so much love and appreciation to us, that it only makes sense we would like to do the same for them.

How Often to Bring Your Pet to the Vet – A Guide to Veterinary Care for Every Stage of Their Life

No matter if you are a cat or a dog person, you love your pet like they are your own child. You want them to live long and healthy lives, so you try to provide them with the best care

5 Reasons Animals Help Us Enjoy Life

Growing up, the family cat went everywhere with us. I’m not talking the grocery store and park; cats just don’t DO those kinds of things. I mean countries! We moved around a little to several different countries and the cat