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When Your Horse or Dog Needs Leg Braces

A number of animal species have a close relationship with humanity, offering anything from manual labor to wool to transport or even simple companionship, and that’s excluding livestock such as chickens and pigs. Common species such as horses, dogs, and oxen have proven useful to humanity for many thousands of years, and this relationship is symbiotic. Wolves who integrated into human society gained protection and food in exchange for lending their hunting and tracking skills, and they evolved to become today’s wide variety of dog breeds. Cats became domesticated to serve as rat and mouse catchers, and horses are used for everything from transport and labor to sports and even war mounts. By now, using horses on farm fields or on the battlefield is largely a thing of the past, but horses are highly prized animals and there are veterinarians who specialize in their care. Dogs, meanwhile, are popular pets around the world and are still useful as herders and hunting companions. Some dog br

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