How Does Equine Cremation Work?


Wondering how equine cremation works? Watch this video on Youtube to learn more.

The horse is transported by a customized hearse trailer to the cremation facility. Upon arrival at the facility, the horse will be removed using custom-made forklift attachments to gently carry and glide the horse into the equine cremation chamber. Equine cremations work the same way as human cremation using a bigger industrial-grade cremation furnace for the larger horse carcass.

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Lots of places also offer different types of services.
Private Horse Cremation: The horse is cremated individually. No other animals are mixed during the duration of the process. The cremated animal remains are then placed in an urn and returned to the owner.

Memorial Horse Cremation: Also called communal cremation, this is a cheaper alternative from private horse cremation. This style of cremation means that multiple animals are cremated simultaneously. After the cremation process, the owner will not get an urn, nor the animal cremains is returned to the owner but scattered to the pet cemetery grounds instead.


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