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Therapeutic Care for Horses and Dogs

A number of animal species have been domesticated by human beings for labor, companionship, wool, or milk. Two particularly important types of animals are dogs and horses, which have performed vital jobs throughout the years. Horses were once major sources of labor, such as pulling carriages or carts as well as plowing farm fields and even serving as war mounts. Many war memorial statues may show an officer on a rearing horse. Dogs were domesticated as vermin catchers, and dogs also worked well as hunting partners and even as shepherds. In today’s mechanized world, horses and dogs have been phased out of some industries, since no one rides horses into war anymore and cars replaced horse-drawn carriages. Still, these animals are highly valued as companions today, and horses are prized as racers and hobby animals and dogs are popular pets. In fact, dogs still serve their time-honored roles as hunting companions and shepherds, with breeds such as golden retrievers and German shepherds get

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