Therapeutic Care for Horses and Dogs


A number of animal species have been domesticated by human beings for labor, companionship, wool, or milk. Two particularly important types of animals are dogs and horses, which have performed vital jobs throughout the years. Horses were once major sources of labor, such as pulling carriages or carts as well as plowing farm fields and even serving as war mounts. Many war memorial statues may show an officer on a rearing horse. Dogs were domesticated as vermin catchers, and dogs also worked well as hunting partners and even as shepherds. In today’s mechanized world, horses and dogs have been phased out of some industries, since no one rides horses into war anymore and cars replaced horse-drawn carriages. Still, these animals are highly valued as companions today, and horses are prized as racers and hobby animals and dogs are popular pets. In fact, dogs still serve their time-honored roles as hunting companions and shepherds, with breeds such as golden retrievers and German shepherds getting their names from this work. These valued animals, therefore, have many medical options when they are ill or injured. A therapy mattress pad, dog hock braces, dog leg wraps, or the best horse blankets may be bought and used for a pet dog or a horse on a ranch. When is it time to buy a therapy mattress pad?

Horse Care

Around 400 different domestic horse breeds exist today, all of them grazers. Horses no longer pull plows or ride into battle, but they are very popular for casual riding, hobby breeding, and racing, such as the famed Kentucky Derby. Many ranches and pastures exist today where North American horses graze, roam, and run free, and their owners are deeply invested in their health. Whether used for racing or just leisurely riding or showing off in horse shows, a horse will have access to plenty of medical help when need be. Given their great value in the past, horses had access to doctors who specialized in their care, and horse doctors can still be found today.

When an owner realizes that their horse is suffering from an injury, they can call upon a horse doctor to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. Early warning signs of distress may make themselves clear, such as if the horse keeps shifting its weight or if it refuses to bear the weight of a rider. Horses may suffer from any number of conditions, which may even include arthritis. This condition is not unique to people; it is a common affliction among domesticated species, and taht includes horses. Other times, a horse may suffer from tendonitis or a sprained muscle, or even from a bone fracture.

Leg braces or wraps can help keep a horse moving, and allow it to trot or walk without placing further stress on its affected limb or muscle group. This allows the horse to move and recover at the same time, and this can help relieve discomfort on the animal’s part. If the horse’s chest or back are affected, it may have a fleece blanket fitted on.

Dog Care

Pet dogs might also suffer afflictions to their legs, spine, or body, and this calls for a veterinarian’s attention to diagnose the problem and recommend solutions. As with horses, a dog may have leg braces or ankle wraps fitted on, and this allows a dog to continue walking without putting more stress on its affected limb. Sometimes, for example, a dog may get a paw caught in a small hole in the ground and hurt its hock joint, or the ankle joint. This can cause distress and hamper a dog’s walking or running, so the owner must take it to the vet for ankle wraps or leg braces during recovery.

This extends to sleep. A dog may distress its affected joints or muscles while laying down, so a therapy mattress pad can be used to help out. When a dog lays on a therapy mattress pad, the pad’s thick body easily adapts to the dog’s shape and weight, easing strain on certain body parts. Unlike a hard floor or thin mattress, a therapy mattress pad can allow a dog to rest and not stress any affected body parts.

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