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The Right Therapeutic Items for Dogs and Horses

Many animals have been domesticated by human beings for thousands of years, and animals are valued for labor, transportation, and in times past, for battle. This includes horses and dogs in particular, which had important roles to play in the past. Horses were especially important, being used to plow farm fields, pull wagons and carriages, and even serve as war mounts. Many statues of war heroes show that soldier or officer seated on a horse. Today, no one is riding horses into battle, but horses are still valued deeply for racing, leisurely riding, hobby breeding, and as entrants to horse shows. Dogs, meanwhile, evolved from a now-extinct species of gray wolf that joined early human settlements, and are in fact still used for labor. Some dog breeds such as golden retriever, border collie, and German shepherd. That, and dogs are among the most popular pets kept in the world alongside house cats. Dogs and horses have access to a wide variety of animal medicine products and therapeutic i

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