The Right Therapeutic Items for Dogs and Horses


Many animals have been domesticated by human beings for thousands of years, and animals are valued for labor, transportation, and in times past, for battle. This includes horses and dogs in particular, which had important roles to play in the past. Horses were especially important, being used to plow farm fields, pull wagons and carriages, and even serve as war mounts. Many statues of war heroes show that soldier or officer seated on a horse. Today, no one is riding horses into battle, but horses are still valued deeply for racing, leisurely riding, hobby breeding, and as entrants to horse shows. Dogs, meanwhile, evolved from a now-extinct species of gray wolf that joined early human settlements, and are in fact still used for labor. Some dog breeds such as golden retriever, border collie, and German shepherd. That, and dogs are among the most popular pets kept in the world alongside house cats. Dogs and horses have access to a wide variety of animal medicine products and therapeutic items ranging from shoulder guards to dog leg wraps or dog wrist braces to ankle brace socks for horses or the best horse blankets. When is it time for shoulder guards for horses or fitting a shoulder guard onto a dog?

Horse Care

Societies around the world, past and present, greatly value horses for their labor and leisurely riding, so an entire specialist field of animal medicine has emerged for them. From the Middle Ages to now, specialized horse doctors are available to help any horse owner with their ill or injured charges. A horse owner may note a physical injury in one of their horses, for example, if the animal is behaving strangely. A horse with a shoulder or leg problem will shift its weight often, and it may refuse to bear weight or a rider, and may not even run at all. Should this happen, the owner may call for a horse doctor to diagnose the problem. Often, a sprained shoulder or ankle, or a bone fracture, may be the issue.

For physical injuries, a horse may have items such as shoulder guard fitted on. These items lessen the strain on affected muscles and bones and allow them to heal naturally without getting disrupted. The same is true for leg braces or ankle wraps, and all of these products may allow the horse to walk, stand, or run without undue discomfort while it is recovering. These horse shoulder guards may vary in size depending on the horse’s own dimensions, and a horse owner may measure their animal to get the right dimensions for the product to order. Such shoulder guards will also have straps on them to stay secure on the horse. Such straps might be adjustable.

Dog Care

It is typically ranchers or hobby breeders or race horse owners who are responsible for horses. Meanwhile, many American households include one or more dogs, and responsible pet owners will take their dogs to a nearby vet’s clinic or even a pet hospital in case of injury or illness. There, a veterinarian will diagnose the dog’s problem, and the vet may provide or recommend shoulder guards, leg braces, or ankle wraps for the dog. Like with horses, a dog may suffer from bone fractures, or sprained shoulders or ankles. A running dog may get a paw snagged on the ground and suffer a sprain, for example.

As with horses, dogs vary in size and so do their therapeutic products. Some smaller breeds such as Pomeranians or Dachshunds may need a smaller shoulder guard or leg brace, while larger Siberian Huskies, Malamuts, Great Danes, and others will certainly need larger ones. These shoulder guards for dogs also come with straps to keep them in place. These products allow a dog to stand, walk, and run without undue distress on its affected shoulder, joint, or bones, restoring its mobility. On top of this, the dog’s owner may provide a therapeutic dog bed for the pet in the right size. Such beds are deep and soft, conforming to the dog’s body and weight with ease and preventing stress on any part of its muscles or skeleton. This is essential for a dog that is recovering, and such beds may be put in travel kennels.

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