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If you own a dog you know that there are too many benefits of having one to discuss each of them. As far as the negatives of dog ownership, their relatively short life spans have to be right at the top of the list. This is the reason why the most caring dog owners take their companions’ health so seriously.

Although the actual life expectancy of a dog is largely determined by its breed, most dogs pass away between 8 and 15 years of age. Typically, larger dog breeds tend to live the shortest lives, while small toy breeds live the longest. For instance, it is not unusual for Great Danes to live for only six years, while it is also not rare for chihuahuas to live 20 years or more.

Regardless how long your dog lives, it is never enough. Thus, every dog owner should do whatever he or she can to ensure that their dog lives the longest, healthiest life possible. According to the best pet insurance reviews, there are plenty of cheap pet insurance plans that make it easier to do just that.

Depending on the specific pet insurance a dog owner purchases, the deductibles are minimal. This is particularly true for senior dogs, which are supposed to be taken to the vet at least twice per year. Of course, pet insurance is invaluable for dog owners who find themselves faced with costly surgery or putting their dog down.

No matter the age of their dogs, it is in the best interest of every dog owner to invest in good pet insurance. After all, their dogs’ lives are short enough as it is; so why not do everything possible to ensure they live as long and healthy as they can. More research here.

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