Dog Park Days What You Need To Know For the Park


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What they say is true: dogs truly are man’s best friend. Dogs give us so much joy in our lives. From the puppy kisses to the adorable tail wags, dogs are always able to bring a smile to most of our face. These cute creatures even help make us feel better after a tough day.

Because they do so much for us, it is important to ensure that we take good care of our pups, and make them as happy as possible. Frankly, they deserve it. One of the things that dogs just seem to love is going to the park. Now, every dog has a different personality. Some may prefer to simply walk around the park on a leash, while others want to romp around with fellow canines in the off-leash dog park. Still, others prefer to stay at home and sleep on the couch for their daily exercise. Chances are, you know what your dog likes best.

For those of us with dogs who prefer to run around at the park or use the park’s dog exercise equipment, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Appropriate Exercise Time. This is particularly important for puppies. Many people understand the importance of exercise for dogs. Not only is it essential for weight management, but appropriate exercise keeps dogs from getting bored and restless at home. Thus, exercise helps to prevent destructive behavior, especially when the owner is away. However, if you have a young puppy, keep in mind the rule of thumb regarding how much time to give them to exercise. As a general guideline, it is recommended that a puppy spend about five minutes for month of its age. So, a five month old puppy should spend about 25 minutes exercising, while a two month old puppy should spend no more than ten minutes exercising and jumping through those dog obstacles.
  2. Proper Cleanup. While not the most glamorous aspect of puppy park days, cleaning up after your dog with the use of a poop bag station is incredibly important. Dog waste can encourage the spread of disease between animals — even problems you may not be aware of in your dog! Therefore, to keep other dogs safe and avoid the spread of germs and disease, be sure to properly use the poop bag station by picking up after him and throwing it away. Most dogs generally defecate twice a day, which means they leave behind 14 piles of feces every week. If your dog is defecating that much every day at the park, the piles can quickly add up and ruin the park for everyone. As a result, it is important to be sure to use that poop bag station — and appropriate poop bags to pick it up!
  3. Gender. This may come as a surprise, but gender plays an important part in exercise for your pup. Most female dogs are about 15% more active than male dogs. This means that females may require more exercise, or a few more rounds on that canine exercise equipment. Keep this in mind the next time you bring your dog to the park, as your girl may need some additional time to burn off that excess energy.

Both on-leash parks and off-leash dog parks are fantastic places for dogs to burn off their energy. It is important to follow proper etiquette, though, when at the park. This allows us to ensure a great time for ourselves and for others, who are also enjoying the park with their happy pup. So, be sure to proactively use the poop bag station and keep an eye on the time that your dog spends running, and both you and your best friend will have a magnificent time at the park.

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