Four Ways to Make Sure Your Cat Stays Healthy and Happy


Animal critical care and emergency services

Cats are one of the two most popular companion animals — in fact, about 30% of the households in America have at least one cat.

And whether you are a first-time cat owner or you’ve been a cat fancier for many years, it’s your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure your cat stays healthy and happy with the right health care for animals.

To ensure you get to spend many long, happy years with your feline friend, take a look at these four ways you can provide the best health care to your cat:

1. Regular veterinary check-ups: Ideally, you should take your cat to a veterinarian for cats once or twice a year. Preventative check-ups are the only way to detect any major health concerns your cat may have and address them before they worsen. On average, you will only spend about $90 each year to take your cat to a veterinarian for cats, which means you can’t afford not to do so.

2. A healthy diet: Much like humans require a balanced, healthy diet to survive, so does your cat. Make sure you provide healthy cat food that isn’t filled with preservatives or artificial ingredients, and offers all the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs. Your veterinarian for cats will have a good selection of cat foods that are recommended.

3. A local pet emergency clinic: Accidents and emergencies happen to everyone. And in the event that your cat has an urgent medical concern, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know where the best animal emergency care center is in your area. That way, you can know where to go when your cat needs immediate medical attention and you won’t waste precious time trying to find animal critical care and emergency services.

4. Exercise and attention: Every pet needs love and attention from their owners. That’s why making sure you play with your cat often is essential to keeping him or her happy and healthy. Besides, what’s the point of owning a pet if you never show it any attention? Find more on this topic here.

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