Health Tips for Raising Pugs


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Did you know that most dogs are lactose intolerant? It is important to make sure that you are up to date on all the latest information when it comes to making sure your dog healthy. Pug dogs are a toy dog with a distinctive curly tail, dark flat face, and wrinkles. The pug dog has been around since the beginning of the breed in ancient China. What are some tips for keeping your pug happy and healthy?

One common pug health problem is respiratory problems and over heating. Because their breathing passages are compacted, pugs have more difficulty regulating their body temperature through panting, and sometimes causing breathing difficulties. Watch for this in your pug.

Because pugs lack the prominent brow ridges of other dogs, they face a greater likelihood of eye infections and scratches. One pug eye issue that can happen is eye prolapse, where the eye basically pops out of the socket a bit. This can happen via trauma to the neck or even just by an owner pulling tightly on the leash of the pug, so be careful while you are going on a walk. If you have this dog health issue it is recommended that you go to a vet to have the eye put back into place.

Like many dogs with short snouts, pugs have elongated palates. This causes them sometimes to reverse sneeze while excited. If this happens to your dog, massaging its throat or covering its nose can help end the sneezing sooner.

Unfortunately, dog pug health problems include an incredibly high rate of hip dysphasia, or improper formation of the hip socket. It affects over fifty percent of pug dogs. It is obviously a condition that can be treated and lived with, but, uncomfortable or painful at times.

One way to reduce dog health problems is to make sure your dog has proper nutrition, decent amounts of exercise, and regular visits to the vet. Do not use cheap food not certified by veterinarians for your pug. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous food manufacturers have accidentally made food that has killed dogs. With the right care, your pup can have a long and dog healthly life.

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