Helping Pugs Lead Healthy Happy Lives


Pug health problems

Pugs are cute, adorable dogs that make great lifetime pets. However, like all dogs, pugs experience a number of health problems. Understanding the potential pug health problems that can occur can help you make sure that your pug leads a healthy, enjoyable life.

One of the most common pug health problems you will experience with your pet involves its skin. Pugs are prone to experiencing ringworm, dermatitis, and pyoderma. These pug health issues are a direct result of the shorter nose and layers of skin that surround the nose. The layers of skin make it extremely easy for bacteria to build up and cause these various pug health problems.

A pug will often show signs that he or she is experiencing skin issues. Constant scratching, red rashes, or flaking skin can be an indication that your pug is experiencing pug health problems related to their skin.

The pug’s smaller nose is the reason for the next health issue. Many pugs experience difficulty breathing due to their shorter noses. Pug health problems related to breathing can include blocked airways, pinched nostrils, or even a flap of tissue that blocks the windpipe.

An early indication that your pug may experience pug health problems related to breathing is whether or not he or she snores. Most pugs that have a habit of snoring while they sleep, experience breathing problems later in life. Try and pay attention to your pug’s sleeping habits in an effort to diagnosis pug health problems before they become serious.

While it is tempting to try and treat dog health problems on your own, trust your pet in the hands of an expert. When a pug experiences these pug health problems it is important to take them to a local vet. Local veterinarians are trained to handle a variety of dog health problems. They possess the knowledge, equipment, and medication to successfully treat your pug for any health problem.

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