If You’re A Vet, You Need A Website


Well designed vet websites

Remember when we were still calling it the “World Wide Web” and using it to look at that silly dancing baby and join Listservs? Not all that long ago, it was still a bit of a novelty to have a website. They were for tech companies, early adopters and people who liked to play around on Geocities. Now, if your company doesn’t have a presence on the internet, you might as well not exist. Doesn’t matter if you own a bakery, a tap-dancing school, a veterinary clinic or a vintage clothing store. You need a website, and you need one that’s well-designed.

The reason it’s so important to have a well-designed website? Well, first impressions count online just as they do in person. If your site doesn’t have contact information or other pertinent facts displayed prominently, or if there are unprofessional pictures or clip art, or even if there are spelling and grammatical errors, potential clients will be unimpressed — and they will likely go elsewhere. Equally important is having a website that is viewable from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Does a vet need a website? You bet. Animal lovers are savvy shoppers, and they’re not going to entrust the care of their pet to just anyone. They will search online for the best veterinary websites, so why not use veterinary web design to make sure yours stands out?

Of course, veterinary website design isn’t necessarily an easy task, especially for someone who’s trained in diagnosing and treating animal illnesses, rather than in coding and search engine optimization. That’s why it’s probably wise to invest in veterinary web design performed by the pros. Outsourcing your vet website design, as well as your veterinary marketing, to people who specialize in it, is the only way to get a quality veterinary website, which in turn will drive traffic to your business and convert potential clients into satisfied ones.

The company you choose to create your internet presence will do more than slap a logo online and register your domain name, however. They’ll also advise you on social media marketing, local search marketing, and search engine optimization — which is how you get on the first page of results after a Google search. Additionally, the experts will know how to create “responsive web design” — that’s the platform that serves mobile users, and it intuitively responds to the specific mobile device being used to view the site, so that the experience is as seamless and easily navigable as possible. Make sure to talk to your consultant about load times, too, because if your potential clients have to wait more than a few seconds for your site to appear, they will in all likelihood look elsewhere for vet services.

Why try to implement your own veterinary web design, when there are experts who specialize in creating sites and marketing campaigns for businesses like yours? Leave the SEO and website building to the pros, so that you can take care of your core business — ensuring the health and safety of animals. More: vethubs.com

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