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Dog health problems

Dog health problems plague every dog owner, no matter what breed one may have. When it comes to monitoring their dogs health, dog lovers should make sure that they know exactly what kind of problems that their dog may be facing. Many Pug owners may not be aware that there are several common Pug health problems that regularly plague these adorable dogs. By learning about these Pug health concerns early on, anyone can be prepared while they take steps to avoid problems early on.

One of the most common Pug health concerns is an Elongated Soft Palate, which is actually quite common with many breeds that have a short snout. This condition can partially obstruct the dogs airways, and is also responsible for snoring and trouble sleeping. Like other Pug health problems, this condition can be corrected quite simply through a minor surgical procedure. Pug owners that are concerned should always make sure that they find a vet that is familiar with conditions like this, so that there will be no chance of a mistake being made during correction.

Another one of the more common Pug health problems is a Luxating Patella. Pugs that have this condition will appear to have “Trick knees.” This condition appears rather frequently in many smaller dogs, and can be quite painful or disorientating for the animal. If the patella bone falls out of place, a veterinarian can pop it back into place with relative ease.

A third Pug health problem that people should always be on the lookout for is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This Pug health concern involves a degeneration of the vessels around the animals eye. What can start out as night blindness can eventually turn into total blindness for the animal. By being aware of certain conditions, anyone can make sure that they are fully prepared in their animal ever falls ill.

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