Two Internet Techniques to Increase Your Marketing ROI


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At this point, you’ve probably already created a veterinary clinic website for your practice. You should know the value of having a solid web presence at this point, since a potential client is more likely to go on the internet to find product or service and 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 use search engines to find a vet. If you already have a professional website, here are two things you need to do next to increase your internet veterinary marketing ROI.

Email marketing
You might think that email is dead, especially when it comes to marketing, but the ROI for using it as a marketing technique is actually $40 for each dollar spent. Email is a great way to reach customers whenever you want and wherever they are. There was a tie when email was so full of spam and unwanted communication that people rarely opened them, but these days with filters and spam folders, people are much more likely to open emails.

This an internet marketing technique that gets a lot of hype these days, but it’s worth repeating. You need to optimize your website to rank better in search engine listings. We all know that the link at the top of the listings is the most appealing, and only very rarely do people actually look at the second page of results. Good SEO involves a smattering of different tactics to help your veterinary clinic website rank higher, but the ROI for it is about $22 per one dollar spent.

Once you have a good website, you need to start branching out into other internet marketing strategies to bring more clients and their pets into your clinic. Continue your research here.

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