Experts Reveal The Secrets Of Efficient Dog Training


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Hundreds of new blogs and Instagram accounts are cropping up online, all devoted to the same new internet phenomena. “Dog Shaming” is the next biggest thing, apparently. Owners drape signs around their dogs’ necks; the signs briefly — and often humorously — capture dogs’ poor behavior. “I got stuck in the blinds chasing the cats,” one dog shaming image reads. “I drop my filthy tennis ball on the baby’s head and bark when he doesn’t throw it for me!” another user writes in for their devious pooch.

The signs, while amusing, do little to correct pets’ disobedience. There is hope to correct dogs’ behavior — and permanently coax your dog to leave the cats, baby, trash, toilet paper, and refrigerator (and the list goes on!) unperturbed.

Train Your Dog To Be Alone

Obedience training a puppy is not as simple as you might think. Even so, most dog training tips and conventional wisdom agrees on one key thing: dogs need to learn to be alone, and be more or less okay with it. “Many dogs that are kept in homes have a real problem with being left alone at some point in their lives,” animal behaviorist John Bradshaw explains to NPR. Bradshaw recommends explicitly training dogs to be alone, just like you would train them to sit or use the bathroom outside. Leave the house for longer periods of time to acclimate dogs to your absence.

Use Effective Corrective Behaviors

The majority of owners correct dogs’ behavior by yelling at them, NPR continues. Dogs may misinterpret this social cue as they crave any and all attention. Instead of yelling or getting visibly angry, Bradshaw recommends temporarily pretending your dog isn’t in the room. This will discourage your dog from misbehaving again.

Bring In A Professional

Sometimes residential dog training and/or dog training videos aren’t enough. If obedience training a puppy or particularly aggressive or misbehaved dog is proving too difficult, it may be worth your while to get help from the experts. Dog training schools have experience with all breeds and behaviors, making it easier for them to properly train your pup.

Don’t give up on your dog. Carefully consider tips straight from the experts, or — if you’re operating on a tight schedule — consider enrolling dogs in obedience training schools. More like this blog:

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