What to Look For in a Doggie Day Care


Doggie day care

There are several characteristics that make dogs unique. Dogs have nearly 220 million smell-sensitive cells in their noses. Dogs can determine, from smelling another dog’s urine, whether that dog is female or male, old or young, sick or healthy, happy or angry. There playful personalities have been delighting pet owners for hundreds of years. If you want the best for your furry friend look into a local doggie day care program.

Dogs, or any other pet, are an integral part of the family. Approximately one-third of dog owners display a framed picture of their dog in their home. Why not send them to a quality dog day care facility where they have the opportunity to interact with other pooches. Doggy day care refers to short-term dog boarding kennel services. It fills a niche between multi-day kennel boarding and pet-sitting, where the sitter comes to the dogs home.

For many single people a dog plays an integral role in the dating process. Dog parks can look like a singles bar sometimes with people using their furry friends to attract members of the opposite sex. The best dog to reportedly attract a date is the Golden Retriever. The worst is the Pit Bull. If you meet that special person in the dog park, you both should look into putting your furry friends in doggie day care for your first romantic excursion. Some doggie day care facilities provide a cage-free environment where dogs play under the supervision of a trained staff member. Other facilities provide a cage free environment part of the day, placing dogs in cages the rest of the time.

Dogs share plenty of traits with their human masters. Did you know that dogs actually laugh? People cannot distinguish the sound of dog laughter from regular pants, but experts believe that dogs do laugh. It is these human characteristics that have helped lead to the rise of the pet day care industry. The popularity of such establishments in the United States and elsewhere has grown since the 1990s out of the traditional kennel industry. More and more money is being spent on pets today, particularly when it comes to their health and social needs.

Doggie day care can be a nice getaway for your pet while you are on vacation. Your pooch will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs and get all of the exercise they will ever need. Take care of the furriest of your member and look into your doggie day care options. Read more like this.

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