How to Handle a Dog That Chews


Having a dog is a wonderful experience for the most part. They make great, loving companions and become a part of the family. However, they do have tend to have some traits that can be less than enjoyable and take some extra work to figure out.

One of the biggest struggles dog owners face is excessive chewing. Some dogs are just in love with chewing on everything and everything, which can be incredibly detrimental to their owner’s home and belongings.

If you have a dog who has chewed up your favorite throw pillow or your child’s favorite toy, you are probably look for solutions on how to handle the dog so that nothing else gets destroyed. Lucky for you there are things you can do to help your super chewer pup.

Stock Up On Toys

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your dog has lots of things that they are allowed to chew on. Their chewing instinct isn’t just going to go away, so you need to find productive ways to sate it. Buying your dog lots of durable toys and interacting with them with these toys will teach them what they can and cannot play with.

Work On Drop It and Leave It

Teaching your these commands can make a huge difference with a chewer. You want to work on them regularly until your dog responds to them instantly without the promise of a treat. That way if you catch them about to chow down on something they shouldn’t you can tell them to leave it or drop it, then go pick it up and put it out of their reach.

Dog Proofing Their Kennel with Kennel Pads for Dogs That Chew

If you kennel your dog while you are away there are precautions you can take to avoid chewing issues. There are kennel pads for dogs that chew, so they can be comfortable without shredding the padding. These chew proof crate beds are strong, but cozy so you get the best of both worlds.

It is also wise to pick up any particularly dangerous chewing hazards whether you kennel your dog or leave them out. Do a sweep before you leave and put up anything they could choke on or anything you specifically don’t want chewed up. You can also buy indestructible dog beds.

You Can Make It Work

From kennel pads for dogs that chew to taking proper precautions in your home, there are many ways to make living with a chewing dog work. They may need a little extra attention and care, but they still make some of the best friends around.

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