Three Easy DIY Pet Health Solutions You Should Know About as a Pet Owner


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If your pet is sick, then you need to take it to an advanced veterinary care center, which has both doctors and veterinarian technicians who can properly diagnose and treat your furry friend.

The only trouble is that vets bills can run pretty high. Do you really want to shell out hundreds of dollars if your dog or cat only has dry skin?

Although you absolutely have to take your pet to a vet when it’s not feeling well, there are some home pet health solutions you can use to help your pet feel better when they’re a little bit under the weather. Here are just a few.

Vitamin E For Dry Skin.

Vitamin E might be in tons of skincare products designed for humans, but it’s also one of the best pet health solutions for doggies with dry skin. To administer it, you can apply some vitamin E oil right to the dry skin, or give them a vitamin E pill in their food.

Citrus For Fleas.

Fleas hate citrus, so if your pet is suffering from their obnoxious bites, rub some fresh lemon or orange juice on their skin. These pet health solutions work even better if you use also use the rinds, and squeeze and turn them as much as possible.

Carrots For Bad Breath.

Dog owners might love getting kissies from their pooches, but no one likes dog breath. Luckily, carrots make for quick, easy pet health solutions to that problem. Their crunchy texture helps rub away plaque from their teeth, thusly eliminating bad breath. However, you should also have your dog’s teeth regularly cleaned, too.

These are just a few great pet health solutions you can do at home, but if you have doubts about what’s wrong, take your furry friend to the vet. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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