Dealing With Uncomfortable Joints During Your Dog’s Walk? Don’t Take It Lying Down


You’re trying to keep up with your dog on their walk, but your pain from arthritis or sore muscles makes it hard to keep up the pace. Maybe you want to ride your horse but pain in your hands keeps you from holding the reins. Your animals need to be active and you can’t stop spending time with them, so what are you going to do for your pain and discomfort? Painkillers help, but too many make you foggy and can damage your organs, you need other ways of managing the discomfort.
Enter ankle brace socks, knee braces for arthritic knees, braces for calves and arthritis hand warming gloves.

Ankle braces and socks
Ankle braces come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many of them have ties or straps that make them difficult to fit under a shoe. Of course, it will be hard to go outside with your animals if you can’t get a shoe or boot on!
An ankle brace sock is a bit thinner, but still offers the warmth, support and compression to offer relief from ankle joint discomfort. Often the heel of the sock will be bare to help it fit comfortably in a boot, too.

Knee braces, for arthritic knees
Knee braces come in styles similar to ankle braces, however there’s more leeway for the animal lover to select something with straps or ties, which fit under pants much better than shoes, of course. If you’re very active or want to jog or run, opt for a less bulky design that won’t produce much friction when the joint bends. Friction and rubbing lead to raw spots, and calluses don’t form quickly on knees.

Not only can a brace help with arthritic pain, but also helps pain from simple overuse or old injuries as well.

Braces for calves
Braces for calves are usually sleeves of elastic-blended cloth that offer support, compression and warmth to your muscles. The extra pressure is particularly good for injuries stemming from overuse or torn muscles and ligaments.

Arthritis hand warming gloves
Hands are perhaps the hardest to treat for pain. Unlike a wrist, the fingers are very well-used body parts, and a brace would keep you from being able to use them much at all. Arthritis hand warming gloves are one option. The heat helps soothe joint and muscle pain.

Even as a young person, don’t be afraid to try these options if your joints are beginning to bother you on walks, runs or hikes. Joints are tender body parts and don’t recover very quickly once they’re damaged. If you can prevent further damage by wearing a brace, it’s worth the investment.

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