Reasons to Extend Your Dog’s Family With Dog Breeders


We all love our pets and for some they even become just another member of the family. Dogs show so much love and appreciation to us, that it only makes sense we would like to do the same for them. Unfortunately, the hectic everyday lives of most people don’t always accommodate for this.

One of the most heart wrenching factors that comes with owning a dog is when leaving for work and they give the saddest eyes and expression you could imagine. As many as 75% of pet owners surveyed feel guilty leaving their pets at home while they are at work, according to a 2000 study by the Lakewood, Colorado-based American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

But some people don’t realize how serious this can actually be. An estimated 4% of the 55 million dogs in the United States actually suffer from separation anxiety when away from their owners. This can sometimes lead to depression and even have physical repercussions like loss of appetite.

Obviously dropping your job to stay at home is not a practical solution, but offering companionship to them through more pets can have a positive impact. But, for this to work the dogs must be able to get along, which is not always the case. So how can you make sure your dog will benefit from more dogs?

dog breeders can help find suitable mates to allow your dog to extend their family with a few new puppies. I mean who can a parent love more than their own offspring? Having another animal around and having something to take care off can greatly improve the emotional state of a dog with anxiety.

As an added bonus, dog breeders can even save you money. In particular, people who live in metropolitan areas are willing to spend up to $100 per week on sitters or day cares to ensure their dogs are happily occupied while they’re at work.

If that look in your pet’s eyes as you’re walking out the door kills you every morning, consider extending their family with help from dog breeders.

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