Three Pieces of Proof That Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think


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When you look at Australian labradoodle puppies for sale, you’re looking at some pretty smart animals. Though their sometimes affable, dopey nature might make them seem unintelligent, dogs like black labradoodle puppies are actually quite smart. Here’s the proof.

Dogs Have Vocabularies.

Though it might be weird to think about, chocolate labradoodle puppies and other dogs have vocabularies. There are a certain amount of words they can learn, memorize, and comprehend. Most chocolate labradoodle puppies are smart enough to remember over 150 words, but it’s possible they can learn more. There is a border collie named Chaser who can remember a staggering 1,022 words.

Dogs Can Be Trained to Do Some Incredible Things.

Chocolate labradoodle puppies can be trained to do some pretty incredible things. Don’t believe it? Consider what service dogs can do. When their harnesses go on, they know it’s time to work, and when the harnesses come off, it’s play time. Seeing eye dogs can even go to the bathroom on command. Usually, their owners tell them to “get busy,” and the guide dog will pace around until it’s ready to use the bathroom.

Dogs Don’t Even Need Training to Figure Complicated Things Out.

Like most animals do for survival, chocolate labradoodle puppies are also capable of learning on their own, but the things these creatures can learn and figure out is — in a word — impressive. Consider the strays in Russia. There are dogs in Moscow who are so clever that they’ve figured out how to use the subway system to travel to more densely populated areas in search of food.

Chocolate labradoodle puppies are many things. They’re adorable. They’re friendly. They’re outgoing. They’re relatively low-maintenance. They’re snuggly. And they’re also really smart animals. Who would have thought that dogs like chocolate labradoodle puppies are smart enough to have vocabularies, use the bathroom on command, or even figure out subways systems! Many humans can’t even do those things.

If you know of any other cool little factoids about dogs, feel free to share in the comments.

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